The Best Chianina T-Bone Steak

The Quality of the PGI Certification

The T-Bone Steak is a Florentine Pleasure

The best Florentine T-Bone Steak comes from the steer. In order to achieve a great result, meat has to be treated for many days, from hanging to butchery. For this reason, the best flavour is expressed just with fresh meat cuts. Even the cooking is a crucial moment for chefs, who has to respect the rule of “Five minutes per side”. This in order to fully enjoy the taste of this juicy and soft dish.

In our venue, we use just P.G.I quality Chianina Meat, which enhances the great flavour of this dish.

vino chianti

IGPOur meat is certified by the PGI certification, approved by the Consorzio di Tutela Vitellone Bianco Appennino Centrale. Our venue pays a great attention to the quality of its products; particularly in this special dish.

The Homages of Lorenzo De’ Medici

This dish originates from the San Lorenzo Celebration and to the Lorenzo de’ Medici family. During the celebration, 10th August, the city was used to enlight lots of fires in an awesome spectacle. In these fires, large quantities of meat were cooked and distributed among the people of the city. A 100% Florentine dish for a 100% satisfaction